Sizing Chart

Longest measurement in cm of the sole UK Size Continental Size Age Range Size
10.7cm 0-2 / 2.5 16-18 0-6 months
12.2cm 2 -3.5 / 2.5-3.5 18-19.5 6-12 months
14 cm 3.5-5 / 3.5-5.5 19.5-21.5 12-18 months
15.5 cm 5-6.5 / 5.5-7 21.5-23.5 18 months +

Your baby’s feet have really really soft bones, and they are very pliable. Your baby’s bones are protected by a layer of subcutaneous tissue or what we call ‘puppy fat’. But they can easily be bent out of shape without you noticing and without your child feeling any pain. This is why it’s so important not to restrict toes – they need WIGGLE room; not forgetting that tight socks can cause problems too.

Daisy Roots shoes have been designed to offer a little more protection than just socks. For instance, if your child is starting to pull themselves up to stand, or it’s cold outside, then they will protect little feet from the elements, as well as being a cute way to keep socks on. We use leather as it is the BEST material. Leather is completely breathable so little feet don’t get hot and sweaty. It moves with the foot so is completely flexible and won’t restrict movement in any way; the suede socks are non-slip (pretty much!) to help with the challenges of those pesky socks that keep coming off and slippy wooden and tiled floors.

We only use CHROME FREE leather which is HYPOALLERGENIC. The reason we do this is because your little bundle of joy will take his or her shoes off and try and eat them! We can’t help our shoes being so irresistible.

Until babies grow up to be a fully grown people, their feet will grow randomly as their bones are still fusing and strengthening.