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Daisy Roots, a leading designer and UK manufactured brand of baby, toddler and young childrens shoes, slippers, booties and baby gifts, provides a variety of adorable designs to suit every taste, from traditional to modern and quirky. Sold in over twenty five countries worldwide, Daisy Roots uses luxurious, soft and safe chrome-free tanned leathers to provide comfort and warmth for precious, little toes!

Babies and kids just love Daisy Roots! Handmade Leather Baby and Toddler Shoes for Newborn up to 4 years old. 

Daisy Roots UK Ltd has been designing and manufacturing kiddies’ footwear in Northamptonshire, the home of English shoe-making, since 1995. We were the original manufacturer here in the UK and we still lead the field. Many of our team worked in the shoe industry for years before coming here.

We utilised the knowledge of Podiatrists, Members of the Growth Foundation, Mum’s themselves and also Health Care workers to perfect the little shoes. All of them agreed that the aim should be for the shoes to be as close to children having bare feet as possible, to replicate natural scenarios of foot-to-floor toe gripping with no restrictions at any point of the foot, but with a soft barrier to provide an element of safety and warmth. To this day, we still get referrals from Midwives, Social Workers and Health Visitors for Parents to provide their children’s feet with our shoes as they agree that soft soles aid posture development, foot shaping, and balance and also help to avoid issues in these areas later in life.

As you will probably already know, Babies feet do not turn to harder bone until they are 2 to 2 and a half years old. Until that time they are soft, malleable and very impressionable. When the skeleton first forms, it is made of flexible cartilage, but within a few weeks it begins the process of ossification. Ossification is when the cartilage is replaced by hard deposits of calcium phosphate and stretchy collagen, the two main components of bone. It takes about 20 years for this process to be completed.

Luxurious, soft and safe chrome-free tanned leathers provide comfort and warmth for precious, little toes.

Babies and kids love Daisy Roots handmade leather shoes because they feel like they have nothing on their feet and they are not restricted. We have so many Mums contact us saying their child literally won’t wear any shoes except Daisy Roots as they are the only ones they don’t object to.

They are made from genuine chrome-free tanned leather which conforms to and exceeds the British Standard requirements to pass BS EN 71-3:1994 (Safety of toys -- Part 3: Migration of certain elements) CHROME FREE means that the special soft leather used in the making of Daisy Roots shoes does not involve the use of Chromium Sulphate. Chrome, like other chemicals, can be absorbed into the skin through direct contact or ingested by babies sucking the shoes. Chromium (III) sulphate (Cr2(SO4)3) is a toxic chemical commonly used as a leather preservative in the tanning process. It is often associated with cancer of the respiratory tract, skin ulcers, and renal failure. We are the only baby shoe manufacturer in the UK to offer this quality standard.

Once our leather has been through the Chrome Free tanning process we then ensure that the dyes used to produce our unique range of colours are also safe and non-toxic. We use vegetable based dyes wherever possible.

Everyone is becoming more and more concerned about our global environment and long-term health of our children. By using the Chrome Free method of tanning we help to reduce the amount of toxic waste and at the same time provide environmentally friendly footwear for your child with leather that is truly biodegradable.

Our booties are well known for staying on tiny feet, no matter how active the child is! We use a special elastic system in the collar to ensure this.

Daisy Roots children’s shoes are available through retail outlets across the UK, USA, Europe, and Asia as well as through our official online store. With over 500 retailers worldwide we are now one of the largest independent UK producers of children’s leather shoes.

Registered with Made In Britain, Daisy Roots shoes are the perfect finish to any outfit!


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